Saturday, November 26, 2011


Growing up I've always heard people say some really, really incredibly silly things. Like money is the root of all evil. It isn't the love of it is how the verse reads. Then there's the concept that things don't bring happiness. REALLY?! I can't tell you how much enjoyment I received over from various Christmas gifts. I still get a smile when I turn the knob on the horse statue that plays the Bonanza theme. The things I value most don't necessarily have true intrinsic value. I know dad's mitt is probably worth only $.50 but I sure wouldn't take ten billion for it.

It isn't wrong to want things either, it isn't wrong to make a profit. It is seriously insulting to see a person holding a sign that reads "People not profits" when it is obvious that they make two or three times what they people that work at the place they are protesting. Another thing shouldn't people profit from their labors? Why should someone profit from NOT laboring? Leaving alone the sign was straight out of das kapital, the thought is incredibly short sighted because people SHOULD be compensated for their labor. Granted, I'm not happy about the landlords in the patch kicking people that have paid their rent for years in favor of raising rent. I don't deny people making as much money as they can, but at the same time there should be some sort of morality in it. In normal circumstances I'm against rent control...that the patch just is not normal circumstances.

I have no problem with people buying what they want or getting what they want, shopping where they want. Personally, I won't do business that support planned parenthood or the brady bunch, not as part as a organized campaign just personally I have X amount of money and I'd rather support businesses where I feel welcome.

There are things I want and dream about having. I know I will never have this unending happiness and there will always be something I want more of. But truth be told there's no measure of enjoyment I have gotten with two things 1) the Bible 2) the thousands of rounds through my .45. And how I spend my money is nobody's business other than the Almighty and myself. If you think that selfish, well that's your prerogative to think so, just remember the person who whined about Christ getting His feet oiled was Judas.

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