Sunday, June 23, 2013

Advice on love by someone who lacked morality?

I make no bones of thinking the Beetles were the worst band.  I don't care if people like them but honestly "I love you, yeah, yeah," sounds like a stoner trying to get affection.  I saw a quote from john lennon that goes, "We live in a society where we have to love in private, but commit violence in public."  Well, there are several problems with this.  His definition is more akin to physical lust than the Biblical definition of lifting your fellow man up, or treating everyone like a neighbor.  Love is not only an action where you help those around you it's a promise or even grander if a Christian an oath where you swear before the Almighty that you will do everything in your power to help that person be who God wants them to be.  Love is patient, kind, and doesn't use other people. 

I also do resent the connotation that ALL violence is evil.  There are times when violence needs to be met with a superior force to protect those around you.  There is no dignity in being a victim, you don't get any special honors when you reach the judgement seat.  I will leave alone that most assaults happen after dark. 

Yes, this does bug and since this was the generation that said we were supposed to question everything here I am 40 yrs later questioning those that accepted what these incredibly arrogant 'singers' that were some how considered wisdom.  There may be a point, but it lacks being thought through.


Glenn B said...

From a religious standpoint, violence, at least in some instances, must be good. After all - God is violent as the need arises. In matters of self defense it should be praised rather than abhorred.

Windy Wilson said...

Would he agree, then, that sticking knives in people is a violence and always wrong?

Then he is available to come with me tomorrow and demonstrate against surgeons and hospitals.

"But that's different," he might say.

"It certainly is, but you did not make that distinction until it was forced on you."

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